vintage goose clothing size large

All large goose clothing (outfits) will fit statues with head and neck circumference of 10″ to 12″ and height of 24″ to 28″

Supermom Cape

“Last year, feeling inspired by a sewing machine I was given, I promised a dear friend I would make her a “Supermom” cape- as she is an amazing single mom. Unfortunately for me, I grossly overestimated my skills. I found Rebekah through a friend and she saved my ego and my friendship! I told her [...]

Prom Dress

“We were looking for just the right dress, but couldn’t find it in a store anywhere.  We were referred to Rebekah, and had a very short time to meet, select a pattern and fabric – only 9 days!  She was courteous, professional and delivered a beautiful Senior Prom gown for Erin. “ Carla H. Mill [...]

Ceramic Geese Statues

Thanks to two friends, Kay and Lee, I can now make my own hand-built slab constructed geese statues.  The fact they are hand built makes each statue slightly unique. Being made of a finer material than the original concrete normally used for outdoor statuary ceramic makes them significantly lighter in weight and more desirable for [...]

Tully Loves Peanut postcard flyer

The product line of dog clothes that Rebekah envisions is a current work in progress.  If you have any comments or questions about dog clothes,  she would enjoy hearing from you!

Fused Glass Pins

Fused glass pins, my first experience working with glass.

Bridal Gown

I am 28 year old mother of one. When I was referred to Rebekah Karlen for alterations on my wedding dress, I was also working full time while also planning my wedding.  Rebekah worked with me on my busy schedule for fittings at her home.  She added a bustle for my train and tool in [...]

Star Trek Dress

These costumes were a challenge to make because the pattern I started with was not user friendly.  However,  now that I have made all the necessary adjustments for the patterns and sizes,  it has been very easy to make good costumes of the original Star Trek uniforms.     We have had a blast dressing up and [...]

Johnny Cash Quilt

I truly cherished my Johnny Cash T-shirt collection. For all the wonderful memories, including the time I got to shake his hand. And, also spending time at his shows with my mom and dad. Becka is someone I trusted to take this very special collection and make it into a quilt. Now my T-shirt collection [...]


These outfits were inspired by a very nice lady from the greater St. Louis area who had a concrete goose and also a special fondness for Penguins. When she inquired about the possibility of me making such a penguin costume for her goose, I just happened to have all the materials you see on hand. [...]